Selections from Entwined: A collection of images, taken in gardens and parks across different cultures, that contemplate nature and its coexistence with human influence.  Poles and Lantern, Kyoto, Japan 2016Cathedral Garden, Paris, France  2013Park Angel, Bath, England  2017Arbor Walkway, Albi, France 2013Window Niche, Lacock Abbey, England  2017Low Branch, Lake Windermere, England  2017Engulfed Lamp, Montreal, Canada  2018Between Gardens, Levens Hall, England 2017Three Pears, Crépon, France  2013Large Jar, El Viso del Alcor, Spain  2014Buddha in the Trees, Tokyo, Japan  2016Broken Window, Ronda, Spain  2014Old Leaf, Big Sur, California, USA  2016Bridge and Vines, Giverny, France  2013Twisted Tree, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA  2014Windblown Garden, Montreal, Canada 2018Water Steps, Château Villandry, France  2013Hollow Tree, Bibury, England  2017Park Garden, Bath, England  2017Spotted Leaves, San Diego, California, USA  2012Hilltop Cypress Trees, Carcassonne, France  2013