France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, USA

Arbor Walkway, Albi, France 2013Bridge and Vines, Giverny, France  2013Cathedral Garden, Paris, France  2013Church Portals, Le Dorat, France 2013Church Windows, Paris, France  2013Hilltop Cypress Trees, Carcassonne, France  2013Sky View, Oradour-sur-Glane, France  2013Three Pears, Crépon, France  2013Tracks, Omaha Beach, France 2013Water Steps, Château Villandry, France  2013Bamboo with Maple Branch, Kyoto, Japan 2016Buddha in the Trees, Tokyo, Japan  2016Kannon with Lotus Bud, Ikuchijima, Japan 2016Koi Pond in Rain, Kyoto, Japan 2016Poles and Lantern, Kyoto, Japan 2016Pond Fountain, Kanazawa, Japan 2016Broken Window, Ronda, Spain  2014Door Detail, Ronda, Spain  2014Large Jar, El Viso del Alcor, Spain  2014Riverside Ruins, Cordoba, Spain 2014Spotted Leaves, San Diego, California, USA  2012Twisted Tree, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA  2014