Canada, England, Scotland, U.S.A., Wales, 2016-2018

This series centers on subjects that I have been drawn to since the beginning of my photography. The images are mainly of the human-made world and where, at times, it intersects with nature. They represent a wide variety of places and things that I find of interest during travels to many countries. I do not usually depict recognizable landmarks but rather the anonymous fragments of a place wherever I may find them, sometimes making note of the quirky objects that people leave on the earth. The work reflects themes such as design aesthetics, the effects of light in different environments and times of day, world religions and mythologies, manifestations of animals and other aspects of nature, and the beauty of the commonplace. I enjoy the whole process of discovery and strive to be open to all that I see, to chance and surprise, and to how I may eventually interpret a scene.
Bird Sign, Toronto, Canada  2018Inhabitants, Quebec, Canada  2018Black Chair, Lake District, England  2017Black and White Railing, Chester, England  2017Boat Window, Lake Windermere, England  2017Glass Buildings, London, England  2017Lamp Bearer, London, England  2017Marina Stairs, Lake Windermere, England  2017Pillar with Angel, Stratford-upon-Avon, England  2017Saint Crispin, Chester, England  2017Urn and Clouds, Lacock Abbey, England  2017White Domes, Bath, England  2017Relic Site, Big Sur, California, USA  2016