Canada, England, Scotland, USA, Wales, 2017-present

During my travels, I am grateful for the times of peacefulness that can often be found in rural areas, on shores and riversides, and especially in gardens and parks of all styles and sizes. This work has developed mainly as my means of expressing appreciation for, and connection with, the natural environment. Here I can explore various themes: the entwinement of nature with signs of the human-made; the process of nature reclaiming its space; the elemental qualities of earth, water, and sky; and the cycle of growth, abundance, and decay. I am also interested in aged structures, as well as spiritual sites and beliefs. With these images I can recall each quiet corner of the world that provided an oasis on the journey.
Engulfed Lamp, Montreal, Canada  2018Windblown Garden, Montreal, Canada 2018Churchyard Cross, Hawkshead, England  2017Between Gardens, Levens Hall, England  2017Hollow Tree, Bibury, England  2017Low Branch, Lake Windermere, England  2017Park Angel, Bath, England  2017Park Garden, Bath, England  2017School Door, Hawkshead, England  2017Window Niche, Lacock Abbey, England  2017Castle Corner, Edinburgh, Scotland  2017Castle Walls, Edinburgh, Scotland  2017Old Leaf, Big Sur, California, USA  2016Sunlight on River, Llanwrst, Wales  2017