France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, USA

This work centers on the human-made world and where, at times, it intersects with nature. The images represent a variety of places and things, from the ordinary to the unique, that I find of interest during journeys both near and far. I am not usually depicting recognizable vistas but rather the anonymous fragments of a place wherever I may find them. Various themes include design aesthetics, subjects that glow in the shadows, and the interaction of messaging and decoration in the built environment. I enjoy this process of discovery and strive to be open to all that I see and to how I might translate the visual poetry that can be found all around us.
Black and White Dress, Paris, France  2013Boxed Tree, Château Chenonceau, France  2013Drapery, Albi, France  2013Glowing Grasses, Colleville-sur-Mer, France  2013Lace Curtains, Giverny, France  2013Lamp and Clouds, Les Eyzies, France  2013Large Knife, Sarlat, France  2013Mirrors and Chandeliers, Toulouse, France  2013Narrow Window, Mont-Saint-Michel, France  2013Telescopes, Paris, France  2013Airplane Relic, Grotli, Norway  2012Hotel Detail, Oslo, Norway  2012Spheres and Dots, Oslo, Norway  2012Corner Guerite, Lisbon, Portugal  2014Corridor Lamp, Évora, Portugal  2014Moorish Windows, Lisbon, Portugal  2014Palace Shadows, Lisbon, Portugal  2014Triangles, Lisbon, Portugal  2014Arch and Arrows, Ronda, Spain  2014Glowing Door, Ronda, Spain  2014Leaves and Sunrays, Madrid, Spain  2014Lion Knocker, Madrid, Spain  2014Mosque Window, Cordoba, Spain  2014Palace View, Madrid, Spain  2014