A collection of images, mainly from the built environment, that often focus on luminous subjects set in contrast with the subdued tones of their surroundings. Passageways, Montreal, Canada  2018Lanterns in Trees, Montreal, Canada  2018Pond Grasses, Oshino Hakkai, Japan  2016Tethered Swan, Hakone, Japan  2016Mirrors and Chandeliers, Toulouse, France  2013Palace Chandelier, Lisbon, Portugal  2014Leaves and Sunrays, Madrid, Spain  2014Lichen and Blossoms, Oshino Hakkai, Japan  2016White Form, Hakone, Japan  2016Footprints, Hakone, Japan  2016Washstand, Grasmere, England  2017Lion Knocker, Madrid, Spain  2014Pillar with Angel, Stratford-upon-Avon, England  2017Mosque Window, Cordoba, Spain  2014Narrow Window, Mont-Saint-Michel, France  2013Hotel Detail, Oslo, Norway  2012Corridor Lamp, Évora, Portugal  2014Flower Shop, Nara, Japan  2016